EARSEEDS & Candling


***FUNFACT-The World Health Organization states that the ear is the most studied organism of the entire body.  Dating back to more than 6,000 years, specific points on the ears have been studied and clinically proven to treat and diagnose many issues including: Headaches, Sciatica, TMJ, Vertigo, Facial Paralysis, Libido, Anxiety & Stress, Insomnia, Ear/Eye problems, Menopause and various other symptoms of disease and discomfort throughout the body.
There are over 200 specific points on the ear which are connected to the central nervous system.  These points referred to as Acupressure points (Acupuncture without needles) are treated through Auriculotherapy.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, the ear hosts acupressure points that correspond to each part of the body. When you stimulate a point, the smooth and abundant flow of qi or vital life energy returns the related organ or area, allowing healing to take place. Ear seeds can be used alone or in combination with other TCM healing arts as well as traditional medicine. 



Vaccaria Flower seeds (See seed options) are placed onto key acupressure/acupuncture points on the ear(s). Since there are a wide variety of issues Auriculotherapy can address, a consultation is crucial in diagnosing and applying the right combination of seeds to help alleviate the symptoms and help your body heal so you feel your best.  Several treatments can be necessary depending on the severity of the issue and what your goals are.

Ear Seed for Adults:
⦁ Headache / Migraines
⦁ Addiction
⦁ Back Pain / Sciatica
⦁ Weight Loss
⦁ Smoking Cessation
⦁ Anxiety & Stress
⦁ Postpartum
⦁ Motion Sickness
⦁ Sleep & Insomnia
⦁ Menstrual / Menopause Issues
⦁ Hormone Imbalances
⦁ Allergies
⦁ Focus & Memory
⦁ Depression
⦁ And much more…

Ear Seed for Children
⦁ Common Cold (Runny nose, Sore throat, etc.)
⦁ Digestion Support (Constipation, Diarrhea, Stomachache, etc)Behavioral & Emotional (Anxiety, Hyperactivity etc.) Other Common Conditions (Sleep, Bedwetting, Headaches, Motion Sickness etc.)


Vaccaria seeds- (included) Made with the seeds of the vaccaria plant, these traditional ear seeds utilize a flesh colored latex-free medical grade tape to secure.

Stainless steel seeds- Discreet and nearly invisible, our stainless-steel pellet ear seeds utilize a clear latex free medical grade tape to secure them in place.
24K seeds- For an extra spark of luxury, our 24K gold ear seeds utilize a clear latex free medical grade tape to secure them in place.

Swarovski crystals seeds- 24 Karat Gold Plated Ear Seeds made with Crystals from Swarovski utilize a clear latex free medical grade tape to secure them in place. The benefits of auriculotherapy and ear seeds with the beauty and sophistication of Swarovski. We carry clear and Chakra colors.


Ear candling (also known as ThermoAuriculotherapy) is a complementary therapy that aims to help symptoms associated with the ear, nose and throat.
How do ear candles work?
Ear candle treatment uses long, hollow ‘candles’ which are made of organic cotton and a selection of natural ingredients such as honey extracts, crushed herbs and beeswax.
The candle is gently placed about a quarter-inch into the ear and lit, allowing the flame to pass down the candle’s hollow center. The warm air comes into contact with colder air, creating a vacuum effect. This stimulates the ear and is believed to facilitate the removal of excess wax and impurities that may be lodged in the ear canal.
The removal of excess wax and impurities helps to clear the inner ear and sinuses, regulates ear pressure and brings about a lighter sensation in the head and ears. Our ear candling also encourages deep relaxation, which is enhanced by the treatment’s holistic and therapeutic benefits.

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